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Paperless List V2.7 and Pro no more

I have just released Paperless List V2.7 to the Google Play Store. Only the free version has been updated because soon I will be removing the Pro version. By the end of the week it will be gone. All my apps from now on will be free and also ad free. That is unless I need to pay for hosting a web service or something. Here is the change log for V2.7:

  • Removed adverts
  • Fixed clear the favourites list

Droidcon London 2010 report

Last week I attended Droidcon for the first time. Someone asked me if I spotted any trends so I thought I would write about it.
One of speakers mentioned that there were about three times more people attending than last year which mirrors Android’s recent rapid growth. Although it was impossible to attend all the talks, three big themes emerged for me: monetization, community and UI design.
Monetization was covered most heavily I think. From ads to social gaming to emerging markets to alternatives to the Android Market, there were many talks based around earning more money. It’s almost as if developers feel that they are not making enough from Android!
The sense of community came from sharing techniques, best practices and encouragement of re-use. Kevin McDonagh’s talk on the first day gave some interesting tips on how to structure an Android project. I only caught the end of Sean Owen’s session on “Driving Downloads via Intents” but it was an interesting example of how an app that can be re-used by others to become essential.
Excellence in the Android User Experience” was the title of Roman Nurik’s talk. Fellow Googler Reto Meier also mentioned UI design in his talk. As Android matures I think Google and the community want to concentrate more on a unified UI design language that makes apps more aesthetically appealing and easier to use. Patterns such as action bars, quick action pop-ups and dashboard screens were emphasized and re-emphasized in several of the sessions.
The whole two days were a great insight into the direction Android is going in. I learnt a few things that I can use in my own projects and it got me fired up for Android development all over again. My calendar allowing I will definitely be attending again next year. Maybe there will be three times as many people again!

Android 1.6: still no animated GIF support

I was just playing around with my newly updated G1 and realised that animated GIFs still do not animate on it. This has been an Android bug since day 1 in both the browser and ImageView. If you visit a web page containing an animated GIF all you will see is the first frame and nothing else. This annoyed me a bit when it was in 1.5 (cupcake) but the fact that its still in 1.6 (donut) is amazing. Android users may have noticed that ads in apps downloaded from the market are just static images and/or text. The Adfonic ads in my Reader Widget Small app are text only because of this bug. I can’t believe that Google, a company built by ad money, has let this one slide for so long. Animated GIF ads can be annoying but to leave developers without the option to use them is very restrictive. Rant over.