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Reader Widgets V2.8 in the Market

I have just uploaded version 2.8 of the Reader Widgets, both Pro and Free, to the Android Market. Here’s the changelog:

  • Added zoom controls to the WebView. This means multitouch also works on Nexus Ones running update 1.
  • Bug fix: users upgrading from V2.6 to 2.7 may have experienced problems with the webview requesting a username and password.
  • Bug fix: after 2 weeks the authorization with the Google Reader API times out and the widgets stop updating. I thought the widgets were handling this correctly but I was wrong.

Apologies for the two authorization bugs. I wasn’t taking into account the upgrade from V2.6 to 2.7. From now on I will test the upgrade process properly so that users shouldn’t have to delete and re-add widgets to fix problems.

PubCrawler now has manual location

PubCrawler now has manual location functionality. When Google Gears is not installed it falls back to asking for location in a JavaScript prompt(). With or without Gears on the map screen the location can be changed with a new button. Another minor change is the removal of the map buttons at the bottom for everything but Android devices. iPhones can use multitouch gestures to zoom and drag the map (Google’s functionality not mine!). For Android 1.5 I have added drag functionality myself though.

Coming soon: HTML5 database to save crawls on iPhone (instead of Google Gears DB which Android uses).