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SMS Bot Widget V2.0 in the Android Market – plus a donate version

I have just uploaded the latest version of SMS Bot Widget to the Android Market. Here is the change log:

  • Built against Ice Cream Sandwich to get the holographic theme
  • Hardware acceleration enabled (send SMSs super fast!)
  • Added button to get the donate version

The donate version is an empty app and just removes ads from the free version once its installed. I decided to take this approach instead of a separate app as it has been a while since the free version was released. A separate app would have required everyone to set-up their widgets again.

SMS Bot Widget V1.8 in the Market

The latest version of SMS Bot Widget is now in the Android Market. Here is the change log:

  • Dialogues made gingerbready
  • Fix for Gingerbread randomly spawning config windows
  • Force close/wait on sending message fixed
  • Smaller app size

SMS Bot Widget V1.7 in the Market

I have just uploaded SMS Bot Widget V1.7 to the Android Market. Here is the full change log:

  • Reboot fix for Nexus S.
  • Install location set to phone as all widgets should be.
  • Dialogue title text explicitly set to white for Gingerbread to make it more visible.

SMS Bot Widget 1.5 in the Market

I have finally gotten round to updating SMS Bot Widget. This new version includes bug fixes and new features:

  • One touch sending option with 6 second timer. When configuring the widget choose this option to send the SMS message with one touch straight from the home screen. Pressing any of the buttons in the send dialogue will cancel the timer so that the message is not sent.
  • New icon of a Vetruvian Android trapped in a speech bubble.
  • Added listener for app upgrade so that on Froyo (Android 2.2) phones upgrades do not blank out the widgets
  • Width of send dialogue increased to fill screen
  • Small icons removed from title bars
  • Optipng run on all images to save space
  • Removed permission for coarse location as it is no longer needed for ads
  • Bug fix: blank message no longer possible to save in widget. Sending a blank message was causing force closes.
  • Bug fix: force close issue when trying to parse invalid contact ID

SMS Bot Widget V1.4 in the Market

I have just uploaded SMS Bot Widget V1.4 to the Market. Here’s the changelog:

  • If configuration is cancelled it can be relaunched by tapping the widget.
  • Bug fix: Occasional force close for Android 2.x devices in send dialogue

The second bug was reported in the new “Android Application Error Reports” feature added in the FroYo version of the Market. This makes it much easier for people to report problems to developers and so more bugs will get reported and Android apps will improve much faster.

SMS Bot Widget V1.3 in the Market

I have just uploaded SMS Bot Widget V1.3 to the Android Market. It includes the same new backgrounds as my Reader Widgets and a quick contact button in the send dialogue for Android 2.0+ phones:

quick contact

Full changelog:

  • Choose from new black or white widget backgrounds
  • Quick contact button with photograph for Android 2.0+ phones. Phones running Android 1.x will still see the quick call button

SMS Bot Widget V1.2 in the Market

The latest version of SMS Bot Widget is in the market. Get it while its hot. Here’s the changelog:

  • Option to hide message in widget for privacy (shows “#####” instead)
  • Call button added in send message dialogue to dial the number configured
  • Settings button added to send message dialogue to reconfigure the widget
  • Bug fix: aligned ad to bottom of configuration screen

SMS Bot Widget 1.11 in the Market

I have just uploaded an update for the SMS Bot Widget to the Android Market. It fixes two issues with the HTC Tattoo. The first one would show a “Force close” error message upon sending a message (the message would still be sent though). The second was a more serious as it meant that two messages were sent instead of one. This was not a bug in my code but in the Tattoo’s ROM. I used the workaround suggested here.