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SMS Bot Widget and Reader Widgets fixed for Jellybean

I have just uploaded SMS Bot Widget V2.1 and Reader Widgets Pro and Free V2.34 to the Google Play Store. Both versions had a problem with Android 4.1 Jellybean. Widgets could not be added to the home screen as the configure activity was launched before the widget could be dropped into place. This was because of changes to the way widget events get fired in Jellybean.

SMS Bot Widget V2.0 in the Android Market – plus a donate version

I have just uploaded the latest version of SMS Bot Widget to the Android Market. Here is the change log:

  • Built against Ice Cream Sandwich to get the holographic theme
  • Hardware acceleration enabled (send SMSs super fast!)
  • Added button to get the donate version

The donate version is an empty app and just removes ads from the free version once its installed. I decided to take this approach instead of a separate app as it has been a while since the free version was released. A separate app would have required everyone to set-up their widgets again.

Reader Widgets V2.30 in the Market

I have just uploaded Reader Widgets Pro and Free V2.30 to the Market. I am pleased to announce it now includes an extra large widget for Honeycomb tablets. This XL widget is resizable and displays headlines along with the article time. They are ordered with the most recent headline first and tapping on launches a new browser tab for that article:


Here’s the full change log for V2.30:

  • Resizable XL widget for Honeycomb tablets added
  • Second configuration screen sped up
  • Bug fix: Out of memory force close error on configuration screens
  • Widget previews for Honeycomb tablets added
  • Honeycomb hardware acceleration enabled

I managed to create a single apk file for this version that hides the XL widget on non-Honeycomb devices. It took me a while to achieve this as disabling/enabling the widget in code didn’t seem to work consistently. Luckily the versioning of resource folders in Android provided a solution which can be seen on the last post in this stack overflow thread.

SMS Bot Widget V1.7 in the Market

I have just uploaded SMS Bot Widget V1.7 to the Android Market. Here is the full change log:

  • Reboot fix for Nexus S.
  • Install location set to phone as all widgets should be.
  • Dialogue title text explicitly set to white for Gingerbread to make it more visible.

Reader Widgets V2.18 in the Market

As a Christmas present for everyone I have uploaded Reader Widgets Pro and Free version 2.18 to the Android Market. The full change log is:

  • New option to launch a Reader app. This supports Greed, Newsrob and the official Google Reader client. If the app isn’t installed then it gives you the option to go to the Market and download it.
  • New icon
  • Bug fix: Nexus S now updates widget on reboot.
  • Bug fix: going back to the time configuration screen no longer disables the next button